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Most Effective Method to Administer Cannabis…

Methods of  Administration
Waiting Time in Minutes
Inhaling Smoking
Edibles Tinctures
 *Please note this article is for informational purposes only… at this time, we do not carry the cannabis suppository product in our store!
 Of all the methods of administration of medicinal cannabis available (see above chart) the rectal method in the form of a suppository is the most effective. This is due to the large surface area available for absorption. Similarly to ingesting edible cannabis, the effects of a suppository are long lasting, often ranging between 4-8 hours depending on the patients tolerance to cannabis.
Suppositories are an ideal choice for many people, such as,those receiving chemotherapy who may be experiencing severe nausea and are unable to keep oral cannabis down. It is also ideal for the elderly and babies who can’t smoke or swallow edibles and patients in severe distress who can’t wait for oral cannabis to take effect.To read full Cannabis Digest article click here

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