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CannaPal now Available in our Store!

CannaPal CBD oil is designed to help keep our furry pals healthy! This high CBD oil has been known to help with the reduction of inflammation in older dogs and cats. This in itself reduces pain and improves the comfort level in your pet. It is being used for treatment of cancer in canines with some success found and can be used as a preventative measure for cancer, dementia and inflammation as your pet ages.

2 thoughts on “CannaPal now Available in our Store!

  1. Avatar Karen says:

    I bought this and was wondering if you have a better dosage chart. My understanding is amount given should be by weight of dog and that was not indicated on the leaflet I received. My dog is about 90lbs and we are using it for inflammation. Thank you

    1. Avatar Monicka says:

      Our Canna Pal Dosing is not based on weight… For Dosing CBD Canna Pal…
      Please proceed slowly with dosing and always monitor your pet for normal behaviour including eating, drinking, sleeping habits etc. You start with 3-4 drops and slowly increment up to 1/4 dropper ( approx.11-12 drops) AM and PM. If you find that your dog is not getting enough relief you can increment up the dosage a few drops at a time looking for positive improvement. There is no golden dosage when it comes to medicinal cannabis products so sometimes it is a bit of a journey to find the right amount for your pet. Hope that helps if you have any further questions please feel free to contact us at [email protected]

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