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Cannabis Oil Was the Missing Puzzle Piece…

From Peter…

This is my 2nd, 6 month supply of treatment supplements/tonic, from Mexico(which I never finished). I was taking 7o+ pills a day at one time(My poor GI Tract? ). This was very expensive and it did not work for me. Cannabis Oil was My missing puzzle piece, along with proper nutrition, detoxification, meditation and exercise. The Sacred Plant really turned My Non-hodgkins diagnosis around. 100% naturally with no side effects. (Less costly as well).

To your Health !

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The four ways Cannabis kills Cancer Cells:

Anti-proliferative ~ halts the growth (proliferation) of malignant cells.

Anti-metastatic ~ prevents cancer cells from spreading and adhering to new, healthy tissues.

Anti-angiogenic ~ inhibit the growth of new blood vessels to Cancer cells

Pro-apoptotic ~ causes cancer cells to kill themselves

Watch short informational video which depicts the activity of cannabinoids in cancer cells and describes the anti-cancer effects observed.

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One thought on “Cannabis Oil Was the Missing Puzzle Piece…

  1. Avatar Peter says:

    It is surprizing to me at just how quickly my large tumor decreased in size, and how my health was regained by the wonderful healing properties of the Cannabis plant ? To your health

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