Fall Promo!

Fall is just around the corner and so is the cold and flu season!
A perfect time to stock up on The Natural Remedylloidal Silver.

Colloidal Silver is a powerful anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal agent. It is said that there are no known disease causing organisms that can live in the presence of even minute amounts of Colloidal Silver.

Also… during our FALL PROMO…
Purchase two bottles of The Natural Remedylloidal Silver and we will include a tube of our amazing Canna Lip Therapy Medicinal Lip Balm, absolutely FREE (value $7.50)

CANNA LIP THERAPY MEDICINAL LIP BALM contains our CBD Canna Oil and may offer (but is not limited to) the following health benefits:

~ Treat and Prevent Chapped lips
~ Possible Treatment and Prevention of Cold sores
~ Treatment for Small acne breakouts (pimples)
~ Mosquito & black fly bites (may reduce itchiness and speed healing)

*Please note this is a time limited offer and subject to change without notice.

To purchase The Natural Remedylloidal Silver product click here

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