94 Year Old Gourmet Grandma is All About The Cannabis & The Love…

Meet the Amazing Nonna Marijuana – When her daughter, Valerie Leveroni Corral, co-founder and director of WAMM (Women/Men’s Alliance for Medical Marijuana – www.wamm.org), discovered that consuming marijuana stopped her epileptic seizures, Nonna went to work.

Nonna learned how to blend the ingredients for her savory Italian dishes with medical cannabis… She now uses her cooking talents to make marijuana as edible as it can be; not merely edible but delectable–a gourmet treat!  Besides cooking for her family, Nonna cooks for friends in need, community gatherings and the poor.  All of the love and skill Nonna poured into years of cooking for her family, she now pours into teaching and creating videos, showing others how to infuse Italian edibles with cannabis and love. Read more about Nonna

Watch how Nonna Shows How to 420 Braise It: BONG APPÉTIT

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