Special Veterans Day Promotion! 30% off CBD Canna Oil – 2 Days only! (Sat. Nov 11 – Sun. Nov 12)

“For those who leave never to return…. For those who return but are never the same…. We remember.” ~Unknown

in honor of Remembrance /Veterans Day and all of our heroic Veterans and First Responders.The Natural Remedy is offering our CBD Canna Oil for a limited time at 30% off the regular price,

We receive regular testimonials from many of our customers that CBD Canna Oil has been instrumental in treating their anxiety, depression and sleep issues effectively and may also help with those who are suffering from symptoms of trauma and PTSD.

If you were reluctant to try our CBD Canna Oil due to the cost, now is a great opportunity to take advantage of this special time limited offer!
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Thanks for your support.
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The Natural Remedy Team

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