The Incredible Healing Power of Colloidal Silver and CBD Canna Pal

Sharing the before, and just one day after images, a customer shared with us… Her horse got injured on some barb wire and was in a lot of pain. She quickly treated him with colloidal silver both topically and internally to prevent bacterial infection, speed healing and boost his immune system and also with CBD Canna Pal topical and oral administration for pain relief and healing.

Here is what she shared in an email this morning..

Good morning..just wanted to let you know that Luka is doing ok. Was a rough night, but this morning he’s eating, drinking and walking. I am giving him 5 droppers 2x, spraying with CS as often as I can and oral CS 4 droppers 2x. It doesn’t feel warm, though he’s limping a bit. I can tell when the pain control kicks in, so I know it’s helping him. Thank you for your products and direction and ESPECIALLY for ALL the support? I will keep you updated.

Image one day of injury. Image two day of injury close up. Image three, next day. Image four,

Recently updated October 7th … received an email with a pic of Luka’s injury four days later!!!


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