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Great info on the Entourage Effect!

Altogether, cannabis comprises of more than 400 identified compounds and there are over 110 cannabinoids that have been identified in the cannabis plant. Studies and anecdotal evidence suggest that the interaction between these substances and our endocannabinoid system results in synergistic effects, which is called the “entourage effect”. To read full cannabis.info article click here

Also from the article…

In an interview with Canabis Conversations, Dr. Ethan Russo explains how THC and CBD work together and complement each other. The THC binds to the orthosteric site of the cannabinoid receptor, while CBD binds to the allosteric site. When CBD acts on the allosteric site, it changes how THC and endocannabinoids work together with the cannabinoid receptors.

To watch the full Vimeo interview click here

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