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Sarnia Doctor using Medicinal Cannabis to Treat Nursing Home Residents…

A Sarnia doctor has closed his family practice and shifted his focus entirely to medical marijuana.Dr. Blake Pearson is using oil produced from cannabis to treat patients with a wide range of disorders, including arthritis, degenerative discs, sleep disorders and the treatment of chronic pain. “I’ve been able to lower patient opiate doses in some cases,” the Corunna native said.

“We’ve been able to take people off three or four different medications and replace them with… some form of cannabis drops.” Among his patients are residents at Trillium Villa Nursing Home in Sarnia. Read full The Sarnia Journal Article

2 thoughts on “Sarnia Doctor using Medicinal Cannabis to Treat Nursing Home Residents…

  1. Avatar Napasechnik says:

    What strain of cannabis is best used in the fight against cancer?

    1. Avatar Monicka says:

      You would look for a high THC strain… one of the medicinal cannabis oils we use in our Cancer Protocol is Canna Oil Plus Original… it is a blend of Sativa and Indica strains, but it is predominantly Indica… It is similar to the Rick Simpson Phoenix Tears and contains 75% THC. Here is the link to the product for more informatiom

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