Canna Pal as a Treatment for Pet Rats…

Sharing this Awesome Testimonial for Canna Pal as treatment for Pet Rat Fur Babies 🙂

“I’ve been following progress with various rat folks. It seems that for rats with tumors, what’s working well is 3 mg/kg for rats. My boy had a tumor grow back after surgery, which got to the size of a small white egg, and a 2nd one starting on his side. Following the dosing of  3 mg/kg is what is being tried by some of the rat community, but has not been ‘approved’ by the scientific community that other rat lovers are using, I started him on six drops a day (3 in the morning, three at night) of the Canna-Pal; within 10 days, it had completely shrunken the smaller lump (blueberry size; even the vet is amazed) and has stopped all growth on the larger lump since early July. I’ve never seen such progress like this before. I’ve been chatting with other rat keepers who are seeing the same thing with CBD oil; either it slows growth extremely, or stops growth, or shrinks the smaller tumors right down, but at the 3 mg/kg dosing. He’s not sleepy at that dose at all (he’s currently 540 grams).” Carol



2 thoughts on “Canna Pal as a Treatment for Pet Rats…

  1. Avatar Louise says:

    I would love to know whether you are using oil with cbd and thc or only cbd oil.
    Thank you in advance!

    1. Avatar (Monicka) Customer Support Manager says:

      We do not carry any products without THC. We believe in whole plant medicine and have a small amount of THC max potency 0.05% in our CBD Canna Pal, which research is showing is required for the best therapeutic effect. This is known as the Entourage Effect. Here is an article from our Knowledge Base explaining this in more detail https://thenaturalremedy.store/2017/video-patient-reports/medicinal-cannabis-the-entourage-effect/
      All our oils including Canna Pal contain Cannabinoids (THC and CBD) and lesser known molecules such as flavanoids, terpenes etc which are thought to interact synergistically (entourage effect ) with the cannabinoids in the plant and enhance its health effects.

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