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Cannabidiol (CBD) as an Effective Treatment for Neurological Disorders?

There are over 600 known neurological disorders and conditions that affect the human nervous system and for many of them treatment options are extremely limited. In addition to the physical and mental toll these conditions take on patients, their families and caregivers, they also have an enormous economic impact, resulting in hundreds of billions of dollars annually in medical expenses and lost productivity.

Many recent studies depict the gradual progression of cannabinoids like CBD and their hypothesized ability to combat various neurological disorders. By increasing endocannabinoid productivity, cannabinoids could reduce epilepsy-related deaths and prove effective against seizures . When compared to the antipsychotic Amisulpride, researchers determined CBD was more efficient without any side effects when treating 42 patients with Schizophrenia. For patients with Parkinson’s, CBD granted significant improvements in motor abilities, rigidity, pain, and other symptoms along with a decrease in psychotic attributes . Additionally, culture testing proves that CBD reverses inflammatory responses and might successfully protect patients from the effects of Multiple Sclerosis. To read full CBD MD article click here



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