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Canna Pal is helping to heal the fur babies
It’s been about 2 weeks since I started CBD oil on my dog….
He is an English Mastiff/St. Bernard mix weighing 160 pounds, almost 9yrs old with 2 bad back legs. When he was about 2yrs old he tore the ACL in both hind legs causing pain and difficulties getting up. As a result he has been getting a pain medication from the vet with minimal relief at the highest possible dose. Lou (my dog) also has allergies and gets hot spots every summer which again he gets a prescription allergy med daily which can be very hard on his kidneys resulting in blood tests every 6 months. Between pain meds and allergy meds I’ve been spending $300/mth with little result for my big guy. Since starting the CBD oil I have been able to take him off all prescription medications and he’s acting like a puppy again. He jumps right up off the floor without difficulty now, loves chasing us in the yard and playing tug of war. I must say he seems to be in significantly less pain and has not had any allergy flare ups since starting the oil. I am truly grateful for this product and will continue giving it to my dog. Thank you for providing Lou with such relief.A very grateful customer M.B. June 5, 2019

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