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5 Reasons Why Women Love Cannabis 💜

cannabis for women's health

Women are into cannabis more than ever

We tend to picture a cannabis user as male, young, and pretty lazy. Right? However, times are changing and women often represent more than half of all cannabis users now, depending on the country. Surprised? Yet, women have been using cannabis to medicate for centuries. The plant cannabis was used for women’s health and as a natural remedy until it became illegal around 1930. Thankfully today, and more and more with each new generation, the stigma and bias around cannabis seem to be fading. (About time if you ask us!)

Cannabis is now becoming mainstream…

Society is slowly starting to realize the incredible potential of cannabis and science is giving its compounds the attention it deserves. Weed is considered more and more as a valid therapeutic option. Plus, cannabis can be found everywhere and in everything now Shampoo, cream, bath bombs, teas, chocolate, face masks, drinks, etc. Weed is slowly becoming mainstream and a regular part of day-to-day conversations.

…and women are sure paying attention!

Forbes magazine reports that first-time cannabis users are surging among women. Marta Stewart, Ana Faris, Jennifer Aniston, Miley Cyrus, Maya Angelou, Rihanna, Lili Tomlin… are just a few of the women who confirmed sparking one from time to time. But why is cannabis so popular now? And why are women more into cannabis and some embracing cannabis culture? Let’s go over some of the cannabis benefits for women (backed by science!)

5 Reasons why women love and use cannabis

1. Pot can help with PMS and Menopause

According to a 2020 study, 1 in 4 women is willing to try pot to manage PMS, menstrual cramps, or menopause. It makes sense, as cannabis can help balance hormone levels and relieve cramps and migraines associated with PMS. Same with the hot flashes, insomnia, and mood swings associated with menopause. 

Marie, a TNR client, is one of these women. After giving birth to her second child at age 30, she got diagnosed with early menopause, and with it came all its side effects: hot flashes, insomnia, mood swings, etc. “All these already not-fun symptoms with a toddler and a newborn to take care of? It was the worst timing.  CBD oil was life-changing and definitely helped me stay sane. I have been using CBD oil every day for over 15 years now, and I regularly smoke up or add a dose of THC before I go to bed. It helps me sleep a deep sleep at night and I wake up fully rested. No more hot flashes, No more mood swings.  And all that thanks to cannabis, a completely natural remedy and plant that works on so many levels.” 

Serious research even shows that THC has a positive impact on endometriosis and can even improve bone density, according to Harvard University. That’s probably why more and more women choose to take CBD oil or infused chocolate or gummies on a daily basis, in micro-doses while some will prefer to roll cannabis and smoke up. Others might prefer sipping yummy cannabis tea. There is no shortage of forms and ways to partake. And they’re all effective, at different levels, but still effective to help fight against premenstrual syndrome or to calm painful menstrual cramps.

2. Weed can make you happier 😄

It’s a well-known fact: cannabis makes you laugh. Nothing is more true! However, research proves that the cannabis benefits for women go far beyond that. But what if this was just the tip of the iceberg?

See, when THC (the psychoactive compound in cannabis) kicks in, it can make you feel instantly happier, more relaxed, less bothered, and more chatty. Colors seem brighter; music hits deeper, food tastes better. This is what is usually referred as the ‘high’. Although, we don’t need science to prove that laughing out loud for a good 5 minutes is beneficial for the soul. 

Plus, science has proven that cannabis may reduce anxiety and depression. And with women twice as likely to have an anxiety disorder, the antidepressant properties of cannabis are therefore promising for women. It seems being a woman is wonderful, but stressful, eh?!


3. Cannabis can help manage pain 

The CBD and THC compounds in cannabis seem to relieve pain according to Medical News Today and medicating with cannabis is slowly becoming a new norm to treat such pain. Women are curious about cannabis as a pain management option. Nowadays, women are likely to mention they take cannabis for their chronic pain the same way they would say they take calcium every day, especially here in Canada. Women are definitely eager to try it and they love the fact that it’s a non-chemical way that can help treat pain.

CBD oil can act as an analgesic for chronic joint and muscle pains; many users report a pain that’s less intense. For sharper unmanageable and acute pain, an RSO oil or an Indica strain are often recommended. RSO oil is a much more potent cannabis product with high CBD and high THC. 

When applied as a topical on the skin, CBD oil or a high-THC ointment is even more localized. It can target the pain in certain areas and be more effective. If you’re looking for a strain of cannabis for chronic pain to smoke, we suggest a strong Indica like MK Ultra.

Studies show CBD oil can have positive results for managing chronic pain. However, what’s interesting is that some studies demonstrate that cannabis worked best as a whole, with all its compounds working together in an entourage effect. Essentially, CBD works well for pain but might work better when combined with THC and other cannabis compounds.


4. Marijuana can improve sex

A recent study even proves that smoking or consuming cannabis can improve women’s sex lives. 34% of women cannabis users say they usually smoke right before having sex. The study concluded that increased frequency of marijuana use was associated with improved sex life, no matter how or why they choose to partake. And the more regularly women used cannabis, the higher they rated their sexual arousal, orgasms, and level of satisfaction after sex. We’re just stating facts here.

Women who regularly use marijuana have better sex. Periodt!

Crazy, right? Not really. See, cannabis helps you relax, sharpens sensitivity to touch, and increases the intensity of feelings, thus enhancing the whole sexual experience.


5. CBD can help you focus

Focus. It’s the latest discovered benefit of cannabis and it’s catching a huge span of attention (pun intended!) According to Healthline, consuming the right type of cannabis for concentration, the correct dose, and the appropriate strain can help sharpen focus, boost creativity and help with self-introspection.  

Some people even report being at their most productive when they’re high. Claiming that folding laundry, scrubbing the floor, or gardening is best done stoned with music in the background and others can actually accomplish deep work because it’s the only way they can actually go into flow and get creative and/or structured. Writers, gamers, marketers, programmers, and artists for example.  And because of the cerebral effects attributed to Sativas, some people even report that cannabis helps ease their ADD or their ADHD symptoms.


The power of topicals 

The beauty and wellness industry is paying attention to the growing interest of women for cannabis and as we said, weed can be found in absolutely everything, including creams and cosmetics. Most often than not though, the levels of cannabinoids are so minimal and the benefits just as little. 

Whether it’s just to include the plant in your wellness routine or you want to try cannabis to treat chronic pain or another skin condition, we recommend you always choose a topical developed by experts who know the plant and its particularities and, most importantly, a formula designed to allow the benefits of the plant to act. The point is that if cannabis, hemp or CBD is not one of the active components, is mishandled or comes 24th in the list of ingredients, you may be disappointed with the results you get.   

For daily use, we have TNR’s Fleur Crème which has just enough cannabis to hydrate and soothe delicate facial skin. We also saw great results for our own Cannasoothe topical cream on many of our clients over the years. (And the smell is heavenly divine!) Eczema, psoriasis, extremely dry skin, rosacea, bug bites, skin cancers, burns, bee stings, etc. Our Hi:Lin Balm Extra-strength can also be used in a similar way or on severe burns. It can be followed by applying a thin layer of Cannasoothe.

If you’re looking for guidance for cannabis dosage for a severe skin condition or a severe burn, please reach out to our knowledgeable team here at [email protected] and it will be a pleasure to help you.  

Interested, but where to start? 

CBD oil is a good way to start if you never tried cannabis or don’t use the plant regularly. CBD can improve your mood and help you cope with stress by regulating neurotransmitters and chemicals in the body.

For women who use cannabis often enough to know how their body reacts to THC, some may advise a ratio 1:1 of both CBD and THC to reduce stress, anxiety or depression. A well-known cannabis strain to treat anxiety is TNR Critical Mass AAA+, high in both THC and CBD. 

Since every woman reacts differently to cannabis, you may need to experiment (start slow and adjust), talk to your doctor or reach out to us at TNR to find the cannabis product that best works for your needs.

Conclusion? Stay medicated, ladies! 

Whether you try one of our topicals, cannabis ointment, infused face cream, our CBD oil or dried cannabis flowers, we’re here to answer any questions you may have.

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