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Your Access to your Cannabis Medicine is at risk
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IMPORTANT INFORMATION –  Please read carefully!
The legal status of medicinal cannabis 
1. Public confusion over the legalization of cannabis

Recreational cannabis in some forms became legal on October 17, 2018. With all of the publicity and fanfare about cannabis becoming legal, many believe that all cannabis is legal. This is incorrect.

The only forms of cannabis that are currently legal are:

  • the plants themselves, such as the bud, and
  • extracts such as cannabis oil and some products containing extracts.*1

What is still not legal are:

  • edibles such as baking that contain cannabis, and
  • cannabis concentrates.

There are also strict limits on the potency of cannabis products that can be sold. For example:

  • a single product or dosage unit is limited to a maximum potency of 10 mg of THC
    (the main cannabinoid in cannabis);**2
  • the potency of cannabis oil is limited to 30 mg of THC per milliliter of oil.

These amounts are far below amounts typically found in medicinal cannabis products sold by medical cannabis dispensaries.

2. Your Access to medicinal Cannabis is in jeopardy due to the fact that Medical Cannabis companies (like TNR) are at risk, for selling some products that are not considered legal under the new Cannabis Act.

Medical cannabis companies like TNR provide cannabis products to people with medical conditions under the current Cannabis Act.  Some of these products are considered illegal such as:

  • cannabis products with over 10 mg of THC per dosage unit, and
  • cannabis in forms such as edibles and concentrates.

Medical cannabis companies like TNR are the only places these products can be accessed.

Without medical companies like TNR, many people would suffer because they could no longer access the products that work for them, and/or they could no longer maintain there medical treatment with cannabis due to the higher expense of the “legal” cannabis.

3. Help us Help you!

Medical Cannabis Companies like TNR are at risk of being raided and the staff charged criminally, solely because some of the products that people with medical needs rely on and cannot be purchased anywhere else as they are considered illegal under the current Cannabis Act.

You can and should help. The only defense a medical cannabis company has, is that the Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that people with a legitimate medical need for cannabis have the right to access medical cannabis in all forms.***Because medical cannabis companies are the only place to access some forms of cannabis, they can defend themselves if they can show their clients have a legitimate medical need for cannabis. For this reason, it is crucial to make sure you provide TNR with a valid prescription/medical document for cannabis. This is not a formality.

This helps to protect those who are helping you and potentially contributes to you being able to access your cannabis medicine in the future from TNR.

To Help us Help You please fill in the Client Information Sheet below. This form will further document your medical need. It may also help TNR to potentially obtain an exemption from the government, to sell certain products, under the law or to respond to legal proceedings.

*1 This is found in section 33 and Schedule 4 of the Cannabis Act, S.C. 2018 c. 16.
**2 This is found in sections 97 and 100 of the Cannabis Regulations, SOR/2018-144.
***3 See R. v. Smith, [2015] 2 S.C.R. 602.


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