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TNR Critical Kush AAAA

100% Indica – 28-30% THC Critical Kush is an Indica strain that delivers powerful, full-body relaxation and soothing mental effects. It is the brainchild of Barney’s Farm, the Amsterdam-based growers who have given us such powerful strains as LSD and Liberty Haze.Critical Kush is a cross between Afghani-descended Critical Mass and none other than OG Kush. Cannabis testing lab gives this bud consistently high marks, with THC measurements between 28% and a whopping 30%. With that kind of potency, Critical Kush is almost certain to put you in critical condition.Critical Kush sets itself apart with medium to large-sized nugs of resin-filled goodness. The buds are densely-packed, as you might expect of a pure indica. Leaves are a bright shade of spring green and are twisted through with deep orange pistils. A network of shiny trichomes covers the inner and outer surfaces of these large buds, making them very difficult to break up without the help of a grinder.

TNR Lemon OG 2.0 AAAA

Lemon OG #2 is expertly grown, ensuring each bud is bursting with flavor and efficacy. Whether you're looking to unwind after a long day or seeking relief from stress and anxiety, this strain offers a powerful yet balanced experience. Experience the refreshing zest of lemon combined with the deep, earthy notes that make Lemon OG #2 a must-try for cannabis enthusiasts.Key Features:
  • Strain Type: Hybrid (Indica/Sativa)
  • THC Content: High
  • CBD Content: Low
  • Aroma Profile: Rich Lemon, Earthy Undertones
  • Effects: Relaxing yet Euphoric, Ideal for Stress Relief
  • Growth Information: Cultivated under optimal conditions for purity and potency

TNR Meat Breath AAAA

Indulge in the captivating allure of the Meat Breath cannabis strain, an exquisite hybrid born from the enchanting union of Mendo Breath and Meatloaf. With a perfectly balanced genetic composition of 50% Indica and 50% Sativa, and a THC potency ranging from 27% to 29%, this batch, cultivated on September 7th, 2022, promises an extraordinary journey into the world of cannabis enjoyment.Meat Breath boasts an unparalleled visual style inherited from its parent strains. The abundance of trichomes sets it apart from the rest, showcasing streaks of lustrous white and regal purple on every leaf, creating a mesmerizing spectacle across every square inch of the plant.

TNR Strawberry Runtz AAAA

Introducing Strawberry Runtz, the latest jewel in the crown of the Runtz family, renowned for its award-winning lineage. This strain captivates with its stunning display of purple and green hues, enveloped in a lavish coat of thick trichomes, promising an experience as profound as its aroma. With a potent 32% THC level, Strawberry Runtz emerges from the crossbreeding of Kushberries and White Runtz, marking it as a premium selection for the experienced smoker.

TNR Wedding Cake 2.0 AAAA

60% Indica/40% Sativa – 25-27% THC You can’t go wrong with a good Wedding Cake! This strain has very sticky, dense buds that grind up beautifully. Super easy to roll as it forms to the joint, making the crease and tuck effortless. Sporting shades of light greens and purple coloured sugar leaves, all covered in a healthy amount of milky trichomes.The aromas emerging from this Wedding Cake are just mouthwatering to say the least. It’s extremely pungent, with this certain creamy-dankness to it. It’s then followed by a doughy, pastry smell with a touch of fruit. Seamlessly translates over when smoked with no lack of terps making it super tasty! Even a small pinch in a bowl creates a thick, milky cloud as this stuff is so dense. A slow and resinous burn in a joint, leaving behind a fluffy white ash, remaining smooth and tasty throughout.Pretty evenly balanced hybrid strain, ever so slightly Indica leaning with its relaxing and calming effects, but also extremely uplifting and social, not feeling sedative until later on in the high. Especially noticeable in the crash and burn out stages, making this strain a good choice for late afternoon and evenings. Always a crowd pleaser and always a welcomed addition to the head stash!

Afghan Kush AAAA

100% Indica - 26-28% THC Afghan Kush has a name that spread like wildfire through the cannabis community. Those who just want to chill out snacking while their favorite music plays, slowly falling asleep to the strain’s influence, become Afghan Kush regulars after one toke.The aroma recalls mango and tropical oranges mixed with earthy funk. Pine, herbal fragrances fill your garden (or house) with the scent of Afghan Kush. For those with sensitive palettes that don’t enjoy living on the funky side of the tracks in cannabis town, Afghan Kush will go easy on them.


Afghan Kush has a solid 28% THC average but its effects excel beyond that due to the plant's ability to retain cannabinoids during extraction. With some CBD , including 1% CBN, Afghan Kush can deliver medicinal value in a great-tasting package.

TNR Tuna Kush AAAA

100% Indica - 23-26% THC Sitting at an average potency level of 25% THC, Tuna Kush seems like a normal strain at first. Her buds are pretty enough with a mint green coloration that’s accented by amber hairs and clear crystals, but just wait until you get closerOnce you’ve experienced Tuna Kush’s effects, you’ll see why people put up with her. Described as one of the best Indica highs around, this bud washes over users with dreamy introspection that’s euphoric and relaxing. Soon after you feel your mind melt away, your body will follow suit with a warming sensation that travels from head to toe.

TNR Peyote Critical AAAA

100% Indica - 25-29% THC
Introducing Peyote Critical, a powerful Indica strain born from the crossbreeding of Critical Kush and Peyote Purple. With its earthy coffee bean aroma and bold vanilla flavors, Peyote Critical is a sensory delight. Prepare for an intense body high, with tingles spreading from head to toe.This strain is known for its potency, so it's best enjoyed at home during a cozy night in or as a relaxing nightcap before bedtime. Medical cannabis patients turn to Peyote Critical for its potential benefits in alleviating symptoms of insomnia and anxiety.

TNR Exodus Kush 2.0 AAAA+

60% Indica/40% Sativa – 27-29% THC
Discover Exodus Kush, a premium cannabis strain hailing from the esteemed DNA Genetics seeds in the Netherlands. Available exclusively at our top-rated online dispensary in Canada, Exodus Kush delivers a perfect fusion of OG Kush and Cheese, offering users an aromatic blend of earthy and fruity notes. Seek both relaxation and a gentle cerebral uplift with this unique strain, and trust in our commitment to quality, safety, and prompt delivery as you buy weed online with us. Elevate your cannabis experience with Exodus Kush, where tradition meets innovation.