TNR CBD Oil – TitrateUp
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TNR CBD Oil – TitrateUp


Now available also in 120ml with easy open lid

50 ml or 120 ml bottle
Approx. potency CBD 14 mg/ml – THC 1 mg/ml  (very clean and therapeutic)

This TNR product may offer (but is not limited to) the following health benefits:

  • Daily supplement immune booster
  • Neuro-protective
  • Promotes bone growth
  • Reduces and may prevent Seizures
  • Reduces Blood Sugar Levels
  • Anti-inflammatory and relieves pain
  • Relieves Anxiety
  • Relieves Muscle Spasms
  • Applied topically can treat Psoriasis, Eczema and other skin disorders
  • May naturally lower blood pressure in some individuals
  • Treatment for Parkinsons and Essential tremors

High in CBD’s and low THC, which is ideal for maximum cascade effect for long term therapeutic usage.


(44 customer reviews)


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Now available also in 120ml with easy open lid
50 ml or 120 ml bottle
Approx. potency CBD 14 mg/ml – THC 1 mg/ml  (very clean and therapeutic)

TNR CBD Oil – TitrateUp is our original flagship full spectrum cannabis product. We at TNR believe in whole plant cannabis medicine which led us to produce this full spectrum CBD oil. Every batch is handcrafted without solvents using high quality TNR grown cannabis. TNR CBD Oil is not made from Hemp.

The endocannabinoid system is endogenous to the human body and plays a role in maintaining homeostasis. Endocannabinoids and cannabinoid receptors exist all over the body including in the skin, muscles, brain, organs, tissues, and even immune cells. This is why full spectrum cannabis can provide relief from a myriad of conditions.

TNR CBD Oil – TitrateUp has an approximate potency of 14mg/ml CBD and 1mg/ml THC making it ideal for daily dosing. Being high in CBD and low in THC allows for maximum cascade effect for long term therapeutic use. This oil comes with a child-proof lid with a 1mL graduated dropper.

We chose extra virgin olive oil as a carrier oil as it has a relatively large potency of fatty acids, and as CBD is lipophilic and fat-soluble, it is more readily absorbed through the body than with other carrier oils.

** Please note if you are taking high blood pressure medication please check your blood pressure regularly as this product may naturally lower blood pressure and you may have to have your Doctor adjust your medication. **

Additional information

Weight 0.126 kg
Dimensions 12 × 4 × 4 cm

1x50ml Bottle/Bouteille, 1 case of 24 (50ml), 1×120 ml Bottle/Bouteille, 1 case of 24 (120ml)

44 reviews for TNR CBD Oil – TitrateUp

  1. melissastickles

    I was wondering if this is okay for animals? I read an article about CBD’s for animals and want to make sure before I purchase.

    • Monicka

      Yes the CBD Canna oil is safe for pets. It is 14% CBD 0.5%THC-A (very clean and therapeutic) High in CBD’s and low THC, which is ideal for maximum cascade effect for long term therapeutic usage. We have many customers who are using it for their furry pals 🙂

  2. MB

    Great product!

    • Monicka

      Glad you like it 🙂

  3. Jayne (verified owner)

    This product is amazing. I have been using 3 drops under the tongue 3 times a day and I have NO arthritis pain at all. I am able to walk my dog over 4 km now instead of 3 blocks. I sleep very well, no longer grind my teeth at night. I can walk down stairs one at time like a normal person. Quality of life has returned… The staff are incredibly helpful and made my decision to use this product very easy. THANK YOU!!!!

    • Monicka

      Thank you so much for the awesome testimonial Jayne 🙂

  4. Chrisb (verified owner)

    Firstly i would like to thank Jason and Vikki for turning me on to this product and the juices which are 5 star in their own right. I won a bottle of this Canna-oil during the 12 days of Christmas giveaways from Cannabis in Canada and after receiving and taking the cbd oil i noticed a drastic change in my arthritis inflammation which was enough for me to continue using it, though i have also now after a month and a half using the cbd oil i can say ill never stop just for the arthritis relief alone. Plus all the other benefits that has come along with it.
    Thanks so much

    • Monicka

      You are so welcome 🙂

      The Natural Remedy Team

  5. Theresa Whittier

    I just ordered my first bottle so hopefully I will have it in the next few days. I suffer from fibromyalgia and the pain sometimes is so hard to deal with. It also makes me have sleepless night. Now I just need to figure out how many drop to take.

    • Monicka

      Hi Theresa
      I will email you 🙂

  6. Chantal


    Love the product personally, its been a life changer.

    Any thoughts on dosage in dogs? So hard to find information out there.

    • Monicka

      Hi Chantel

      The CBD Canna Oil is basically the Canna Pal and you can use the dosage directions for the Canna Pal with the CBD CAnna Oil for your pet which you can access here
      Hope that helps…
      The Natural Remedy Team 🙂

  7. Dee-Ann Green (verified owner)

    This oil works great for Parkinson’s disease. 1/4 of dropper and with in 10 mins the shaking is almost gone. =D It’s so wonderful all the things that cbd helps

    • Monicka

      That is awesome to hear Dee- Ann! Would you mind if we used this as a testimonial? I would only use your initials… please reply to [email protected]

  8. David Kocher (verified owner)

    Bought this for my 14 year old mixed breed large dog. She’s been on a number of pharmaceutical products (opiates and NSAIDs) with some little success. I’ve found this product does wonders for her pain and while she’ll never be running and jumping again this does give her comfort, I only wish I had found this sooner!

    • Monicka

      Thank you for the great review 🙂

  9. Carolyn

    Hi I just started using this and have been able to get off zoplicone! Im wondering if I can travel with this…in my checked baggage in Canada?

    • Monicka

      That is great that the CBD Canna Oil is helping you get off Zopiclone…
      It may be a good idea to check with the airline, but according to our information you must carry your MMPR, MMAR or a letter from your health practitioner and they may only accept medicinal cannabis products from an LP recognized by Health Canada… The Natural Remedy is not an LP.

      Many of our customers stop taking their CBD oil (or other medicinal cannabis products from The Natural Remedy) when they go on vacation, and resume when they get back with no issues, to avoid any hassles or legal problems with the airlines…

      Hope that helps…

      All the best,


  10. Sam H.

    I ordered my first bottle some time ago, and am going to order more. This has drastically reduced my anxiety and improved my mental health and well-being. The delivery was prompt and service was courteous and not at all intimidating.

  11. Fran St Thomas

    How exactly do I administer the oil. If I have it in my mouth, how long do I hold it? Do I add it to juice or food?

    • Monicka

      I will email you Fran 🙂

  12. 1drworx (verified owner)

    absolutely life changing, no more depression and my energy and “wants” have returned. Great product and great team, thank you TNR

  13. Shannon

    I am interested in using this product for my dog. She weighs approx. 50lbs. Do you have a dosage recommendation for a dog her size?

  14. Rebecca (verified owner)

    I bought this for help with anxiety and it really works for me! My stomach pain has also disappeared, stellar product!

  15. Leleniak

    I’m thinking of ordering the oil however very nervous. Tried the gummy bears and it really upset my tummy (nauseous) for the next 24 hours. Having problems staying asleep after 3 hours. Would this oil help with sleep?

    • Monicka

      Hello please keep me updated on how the oil works for you, you can reach me directly by email at [email protected] and you have my #
      Have a wonderful holiday season!

  16. Tara Barnard

    Just received my oil. Wondering if you can tell me what’s the best dosage for anxiety.

  17. Kim (verified owner)

    Loving this product! Using it to get off of anti-depressants (which through me on a loop with side effects) I am so relieved to be free of the pill popping. Thanks so much

  18. Barb

    I am interested in trying this for my Crohn’s Disease. I also have PTSD and am using meds for that. I don’t want the THC though. I have asthma and a lot of allergies and am concerned about possible reactions. Any thoughts?

  19. angelrosemarie (verified owner)

    Am just now on day three of canna oil. I would say there is a 75% reduction of body pain/arthritis, mentally and physically much more relaxed and overall mood improved. Sleep is hard to tell just yet, but am expecting an improvement in my sleep patterns. This is great!

  20. Elaine L (verified owner)

    I have been using canna oil for 6 weeks and I am noticing so many more improvements? I have never slept so well. I have far less fibromyalgia pain, more energy, my constant nausea is gone and anxiety is far less. I feel so much better that I now have 1 friend, 2 sisters, and my husband using it. Thank you to The Natural Remedy for producing this product ?

  21. Jennifer

    Is this product good for weight loss? Cause I’m loving it for sleep and for pain and anxiety

    • Monicka

      That is wonderful that the Canna Oil is helping with your sleep, pain and anxiety. While this is not a product for weight loss per say… it can offer anxiety and stress relief, which may in turn help with overeating or binging in a round about way. Hope that makes sense… please email me directly at [email protected] if you have any further questions or concerns. Also if you have not done so already please send in a testimonial of your experience and for your trouble we will gift you with a one time $20 reward coupon you can use for future purchases in our store… We also have a refer a friend Program if you want to recommend TNR to others… here is the link for more info
      All the best,

  22. Nick

    Amazing product, I was extremely skeptical about CBD, but may the CBD Gods forgive me because now I’m a believer. I am taking this wonder for anxiety, stress, sleep, and more, I couldn’t be happier. I feel so at peace since I have started taking this high quality CBD oil. My life was starting to fall apart because of the struggles of life, but thanks to TNR I can breathe again. Best part is it doesn’t make me feel strange or high. This is a must buy if you want to improve your quality of life.

  23. dawnmax35 (verified owner)

    This product gave me my life back! I suffer from severe vertigo and anxiety (because of the vertigo)and a day after using this product my symptoms disappeared! I asked a doctor for a referral and he said no. I am so glad this product is readily available! Thank you!

  24. sheila.lewis03 (verified owner)

    Love it! Taking it myself for anxiety, and for my two dogs. Dog #1 is 65 pounds and 13 years with arthritis and back end muscle weakness. He has been on it for 3 weeks, started with 6 drops twice daily. He is now up to 15 drops 3 times per day and that seems to be his sweet spot for now. When I pick up the bottle he comes running and licks it out of my hand. His mobility has gotten so much better since taking Canna Oil. Dog #2 is 11 years old, 35 pounds and a bit anxious during the day time despite getting plenty of exercise. I give him 5 drops twice a day and he is much more relaxed now.

    • Monicka

      Thank you for the wonderful testimonial we are so glad the product is working so well for your fur baby 🙂

  25. Sarah

    Hello there, Your product seems to be doing the trick for anxiety and arthritic pain. I was wondering if you could tell me which extraction process you use for the isolate? Thanks again!

    • Monicka

      HI Sarah
      That is awesome the product is working for you 🙂

      The CBD Canna oil is a blend of five different strains of Cannabis, from a high Indica and a high Sativa…. so we end up with a 50/50 Indica/Sativa of whole plant cannabis infused in 100% pure olive oil.

  26. lastsacrifice514 (verified owner)

    I suffer from daily headaches, ever since using this I haven’t had any at all, and when I do get one, it helps the pain go away almost completely. It’s also helped me sleep amazingly. I’ve bought some for my grandmother who’s suffering from arthritis and she’s in love with it! She said she can finally sleep through the nights without her bad hip waking her up, and she’s able to do her knitting for as long as she wants because her fingers feel amazing! I’m recommending this to every one I speak to.

  27. natashasos72

    I have been using CBD oil for almost a year now for chronic migraines. My previous suppliers product was no longer working for me and around the same time I was introduced to TNR. I am now on my 3rd bottle. I rave to everyone about how amazed I am with the results. I still get the odd migraine but it is manageable and I sleep like a rock.
    Amazing product.
    I am thinking of giving it to my dog but unsure of the dosage? What would you recommend?
    He’s 105lbs, 7yr old with skin allergies and showing joint issues. He also has anxiety.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Monicka

      Thanks for the great testimonial… for your trouble we will be sending you a $20 reward coupon early next week 🙂
      Please proceed slowly with dosing your dog and always monitor your pet for normal behaviour including eating, drinking, sleeping habits etc. You start with 3-4 drops and slowly increment up to 1/4 dropper ( approx.11-12 drops) AM and PM

      Here is link to dosing instructions just look for Canna Pal

  28. lptrans (verified owner)

    Very simple and discrete ordering process. Just placed my first order for my severely anxious dog. I am wondering though: can one stop Canna Oil cold turkey? If for any reason I have to stop giving it, should I expect adverse effects? Thank you

    • Monicka

      No there is no adverse effect you can stop even cold turkey without any issues… If you discontinue for more than a week… I would recommend starting at square one with dosing instructions as the dog may need to acclimate system again. Please contact me [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns.

  29. stephane (verified owner)

    Thank you tnr….never feel so good since im off prescription pills…
    Cbd gave me back my life!!

  30. vinnygambini87

    Hello, for anxiety do i have to take it every day or just the days that i feel like i have anxiety? And does it relive the stress from day one or does it take couple of days/weeks?


    • Monicka


      The CBD Canna Oil is more like a daily supplement, rather than a as needed treatment, and it works best when your body has become fully acclimated to the product.

      Hope that helps…

      All the best,


  31. shealsnis (verified owner)

    I have been taking Canna Oil for about 3-4 weeks for anxiety and has been great use. In the mornings I take about 5 drops, a couple drops if needed during the day and when I feel that I need sleep I will take about 7 drops for a great night sleep!

  32. Lana

    I ordered this oil some time ago for my old cat. We found a lump with wired skin attachment. We thought that she had cancer. It was a scratch that healed improperly. I ended up using this amazing oil by myself. Recently I got infection in gum and my tooth with crown was extracted. Oil helped me to deal with pain very successfully. I did not take any painkiller!!
    Thank you Natural Remedy!

  33. borgesjgl (verified owner)

    This product was a great investment for me. I have been taking it for 4 weeks and it has been helping me with my anxiety and confidence issues at school and work. It is also doing fantastic with some my sleeping issues due to stress. I repeat, it is working amazing for me! I feel balanced and healthy, and I’m able to stay in a routine something which was hard for me before because of my anxiety. I now take 1/2 dropper after breakfast and 1 dropper at night time. I did a lot of research and this is the best product in terms of quality, quantity of CBD, and price you will find in Canada. The customer service is fantastic, they are very professional but at the same time friendly, and they will really help you with any question you have. The product arrived in less than a week and I was very surprised. I highly recommend any one to try CBD and purchase it from The Natural Remedy, this is a brand you can trust and offers the best product in the market. Thanks guys keep it up the good work! Can’t wait to get my second bottle soon!

  34. nageddy

    hi all, ordered this in the CannaPal version as its exactly the same cept the photo and because my friend had a pooch named Pal as kids LOL starting dosage slowly i now take a full dropper daily, seems to help with anxiety and i know i am calmer overall, plus i have lost 20lbs in the past year, my thought is my system has been re-regulated and working properly, the changes were subtle at first but i have no doubts as to the benefits, great product, price and folks ! CBD is really catching on but more education needed, i do pass on my praises though…will order again, thanks TNR ! phil.

  35. James

    Can you vape this?

    • Monicka

      we do not recommend vaping any of our medicinal oils. Our RSO will not vaporize well and will likely gum up almost any vaporizer. The products that we do carry that are suitable for use with vaporizers are our dried flower, and our concentrates such as shatter, and depending on the vaporizer, sometimes hash.

  36. Laurie (verified owner)

    The CBD oil is wow!! I have been fighting horrible Psoriasis. I have had two prescriptions from our medical Dr that sadly was of no help. Our NP Dr recommended CBD oil and I can finally see the light. In less than a week it’s almost gone. Totally blown away! Now using it too treat acne and skin sun damage. So far that is improving as well. If I hadn’t seen all of the above I might have been sceptical but I’m a true believer that these results are astonishing and real! A million thank you’s too The Natural Remedy!

    Ps: Shipping is so fast and always reliable. Fantastic customer service!

  37. drewmcleod9 (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this oil.
    It’s easily the best CBD I’ve tried, and also relatively cheap considering.

    I do wish you had an oil with a slightly high percentage of THC, I need the CBD only oil for dealing with anxiety and mood disorders, but it’s nice to then later in the day have some THC but most oils and flower strains are way too strong for me and just trigger anxiety.

    Anyways yea I would recommend this product to anyone! 🙂

    • (Monicka) Customer Support Manager

      Thank you for your feedback on the CBD Oil Titrate UP. We love hearing from our customers.

  38. serge

    The oil is good for dog?

    • (Monicka) Customer Support Manager

      Yes very good for dogs… Both the CBD Canna Oil Titrate Up and the Canna Pal are the same product with different dosing instructions. For pet dosing proceed slowly with dosing and always monitor your pet for normal behaviour including eating, drinking, sleeping habits etc. You start with 3-4 drops and slowly increment up to 1/4 dropper ( approx.11-12 drops) AM and PM
      smaller dogs may not require a full dosage of Canna Pal and to increment up at a slower rate checking for positive improvements in eating, sleeping, energy and relief of pain.

      Here is link to dosing instructions just look for Canna Pal
      Hope that helps… IF you have any further questions or concerns please contact us at [email protected]

  39. marcl8 (verified owner)

    Just want to say thank you to everyone at The Natural Remedy. Since last year have been ordering 15 bottles of CBD Canna-Oil for my mother that I love dearly. She’s suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and whit the CBD Canna-oil is condition improves a lot and believe me when I say that for her and also for me it helps a lot on a daily basis. Modern medicine should take example on the naturel remedy that as been there for thousands of years… So one again, from the bottom of my heart thank you!

    Bromont, Qc

    • (Monicka) Customer Support Manager

      That is wonderful to hear that the product is helping your Grandmother. My elderly Mom (89) uses it as well and has gotten great results 🙂

  40. James (verified owner)

    I am 60 years old, started taking CBD oil 4 weeks ago. I sleep so much better and don’t have the stiffness when i get up in the morning. I was sceptical about ordering this product but now I am glad i did !! Placing another order very soon

  41. Paula Ready (verified owner)

    I ordered my first bottle. The delivery was super quick. I ordered this for my dog. She was diagnosed with lymphoma. She us the love if my life and I am hoping this will prolong her life. I will keep everyone posted.

  42. Sarah (verified owner)

    On day three and it’s working great so far! I just wanted to ask how much fluid the dropper holds. Thanks!

    • Customer Support

      Glad to hear the CBD Canna Oil is already helping out! The dropper that comes with our CBD Canna Oil holds 1mL of oil when full.

  43. Francois (verified owner)

    Really good product, I tried another CBD elsewhere and came back to this one.

  44. Richard K (verified owner)

    very good product……

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