TNR Fleur Crème

Pricing: 28g/$34.95 (Retail)This beautiful crème is derived from the natural flower of the cannabis plant. Using the whole plant matter allows for the over 200 cannabinoids to be present as well as the terpene profile phenotypes. This full spectrum cannabis crème is advantageous and healing for many skin issues.

TNR Canna Soothe Topical Cream

Pricing: 60 g/NOW $69.95! (Retail) + 10% Discount after 5Strength: 1000mg THC/50mg CBDExperience the therapeutic benefits of our TNR CannaSoothe cream, formulated with full-spectrum cannabis extract encompassing the whole plant matter of the Cannabis plant. Enhanced with natural ingredients, this ultra-medicated topical offers a holistic approach to skin and pain relief.Key Features:
  • Full-spectrum formulation: Harness the potency of the entire Cannabis plant.
  • Quick Absorption: A rich, creamy texture that penetrates deeply and seamlessly into the skin.
  • Targeted Relief: Addresses specific concerns for personalized results.
  • Nourish Your Skin: Infused with the power of cannabinoids, feed the most extensive endocannabinoid organ – your skin. Reap the numerous benefits of this versatile product.

TNR My Hiːliŋ Balm – Extra Strength

Check out the new extra strength addition to our TNR topical product family:

"My Hiːliŋ Balm - EXTRA STRENGTH"

This new “EXTRA STRENGTH” topical balm is “7 TIMES” the medicinal strength of our Regular and Unscented TNR Hi Lin Balms.Strength: 350mg THC/20mg CBD

TNR My Hiːliŋ Balm – UNSCENTED


Pricing: 40 g/$19.95 (Retail)

Strength: 50mg THC/20mg CBDThis TNR product offers all of the awesome healing and pain relief properties of our regular TNR Hi Lin balm, but without the added blend of proprietary essential oils. It is completely scent free and is not only great for those who may have a sensitivity to essential oils, but it also makes it perfect as a topical treatment for pets.

TNR Canna Lip Therapy

*Picture may vary from actual product*This TNR product may offer (but is not limited to) the following health benefits:
  • Treat and Prevent Chapped lips
  • Possible treatment and Prevention of Cold sores
  • Treatment for Small acne breakouts (pimples)
  • Mosquito & black fly bites (may reduce itchiness and speed healing)
Please see description below for more info.

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