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TNR Banana Flavoured Hash

The hash is soft, gummy, yellowish It’s like smoking our Bulldog hash but with a hint of banana. It doesn’t taste chemical at all… Perfect for week end breakfast ! This aromatic hashish is so new, so unconventional, that it’s normal to doubt about it. But trust us, it’s not bad at all !!! How the ingredients are made, and how the infusion process is done is of course, a well-kept Chief (or Hash Guru) secret.

TNR Red Lebanese Hash

This TNR product may offer (but is not limited to) the following health benefits:
  • Energizing and Uplifting
  • Relaxing
  • Anxiety treatment
  • Appetite Stimulant
  • Pain Management
  Please check out details below.

TNR Netherlands Bulldog Hash

Like the Abraxas, our Bulldog Netherlands Hashish is named in honor of a great coffee shop in Amsterdam. The Bulldog is produced from cannabis strain from the Netherlands. It is a soft and blond hash with  a sweet and earthy taste. It is slightly different and less stronger than the Lion and the Abraxas but cheaper.

808 Crumble

Pricing: 1 g/$34.95 (retail) 808 Crumble offers a more crystalline form of extraction than Shatter. Offering a more apparent terpene profile and greater versatility whether it is vaporized or added to joints or bowls, no matter how it is consumed, it is sure to deliver a powerful effect and a very pronounced taste. Undoubtedly a must try!

Golden Monkey Extracts Crumble

Golden Monkey Extracts (GME) crumble is made by extracting cannabinoids and other molecules from fresh and frozen cannabis matter. GME’s extraction process of crumble minimizes the loss of terpenes, leaving an extremely flavourful concentrate to dab. Use this product for dabbing or add it to your bowl or joint for an extra punch!

TNR Live Resin


Live Resin is a great way to amp up a joint, blunt or bowl!

Live Resin is a concentrate made from fresh cannabis, before it has gone through the drying and curing process.

TNR Diamonds

Pricing: 1 g/$54.95 (retail) TNR Diamonds are not only a girl’s best friend, they are a sparkling addition to any advanced cannabis user’s repertoire! At a glance, the Diamonds are tiny pebbles of shatter, like the caviar of the concentrate world. The smell is very floral, just like pressing your nose right into a fresh flower.

808 Shatter

Pricing: 1g/$34.95 (retail) 808 Shatter is a premium Cannabis extract, made in small batches by skilled craftsmen without the use of any additives. 808 Shatter will undoubtedly provide you with a very pleasant experience start to finish with its full flavour and smoothness. Purged at least 96 hours    

TNR Rosin

Our Rosin is a new addition to the TNR menu and available in various strains. Silky smooth in texture with a velvety consistency that is very easy to work with. Enjoy your favorite flowers in a more distinguished, pronounced fashion as the terpenes and effects greatly benefit from this form of solvent less based extracts. Pressed at 180 degrees by craft growers that only have love for the plant!

TNR Shatter

Pricing: 1g/$34.95 (retail) TNR Shatter is a brittle, glass-like cannabis extract with a tendency to snap when handled. Shatter is named for its breakability, like broken glass, and is favoured for its ease in handling while dabbing. It requires long, delicate purging cycles to properly remove all solvents used in the manufacturing process, about a minimum of 72 hours.  

Wizard Shatter AAAA

This wonderful high quality shatter selection is made only with premium flower from Vancouver Island. Made by artisan in small batches, it is purged for a minimum of 96 hours. Great price for this Premium quality.  

TNR Afghani Mazar Sharif II Hash

The Mazar Sharif hash will have you kicking back and reminiscing with this wonderful and classic gummy Afghani import. The effects are almost narcotic and it produces a very physical and stony high. It’s absolutely incredible to add some to a joint or smoke a bit in the pipe. This stuff is special. The smell is incredibly sweet and has a bit of a chocolate taste. Compared to other imported hashish, Mazar has a golden stamp with its year of production on it. Like the wine, each year are a bit different