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Boost Shatter AAAA

Introducing our latest shatter collection, featuring the highly recommended 'Boost' variety. These premium quality shatters come pre-weighed at 1 gram per package. Additionally, we offer an extensive range of flavors to keep your palate excited and prevent monotony. Our Boost Shatter introduces you to an epicurean adventure, where each flavor captures the essence and potency of its source strain:
  • Afghan Kush: Dive into tranquility with this classic, relaxing Indica.
  • Rockstar: Experience serenity and relief harmoniously.
  • Pineapple Express: A hybrid that fuses joy, creativity, and gentle relaxation.
  • MK Ultra: Indica-dominant, inviting deep relaxation and mental calm.
  • Ghost Train Haze: An energetic and euphoric Sativa journey.
  • Death Bubba: Profound relaxation and sweet, earthy flavors.
  • Trainwreck: Fast-acting, potent euphoria with a spicy aroma.
  • White Widow: Balanced effects with a burst of energy and relaxation.
  • GSC (Girl Scout Cookies): A sweet and earthy hybrid offering relaxation and euphoria.
  • Green Crack: Invigorating and sharp focus with fruity notes.
  • Blue Dream: A sweet, berry-infused journey of calm euphoria.
  • AK-47: A peaceful, uplifting hybrid with a sour aroma.