About Laboratory Testing

The Natural Remedy strives to provide the highest standards in Cannabis medication and education possible. Part of this is strict quality control from the start (seeds) to the finished products.

Laboratory testing is a substantial part of this process and all our products are laboratory tested to ensure that our high standards are being met.

Controversy about Laboratory Testing

One would think that laboratory testing as such should be a clear forward and a reliable source of information. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Not all cannabis testing laboratories are created equal and laboratory results can greatly differ depending on the methodologies, level of standards and equipment used. For instance, there are over 300 different ways to test for CBD in Cannabis which can generate all different kinds of results depending on what testing method is used.

Just to give a couple of examples to support the statement above. We sent a sample of exactly the same cannabis product to three different laboratories, including a Health Canada Accredited lab came back with three different results. The results ranged from minor to extremely different, and we are not the only one who had this experience.

We also sent a sample of a flower and its concentrate to a Health Canada Accredited lab and the results were quite surprising. The results we received stated that the level of THC was substantially lower in the concentrate than in the flower, which is impossible!

The relevance of Laboratory testing from our perspective

We understand the importance of transparency, and strongly believe that lab tests play an important factor in quality control. This is where they have their place and this is in part why we do them.
But numbers alone generated from a lab test do unfortunately not necessarily reflect if a product is actually working as it is supposed to. (Many of our customers who switched from other companies and are now using our products confirm that.) We understand that putting a lot of emphasis on the numbers of lab results (especially in the current presence of inaccuracy and inconsistency of lab testing out there) can lead to quite a bit of confusion and frustration for many consumers. We feel that ultimately customers are looking for the effectiveness of a product and this is, in our opinion, really what they should do.

Do the Medicinal Cannabis Products from The Natural Remedy work?

For years The Natural Remedy has consistently provided the highest quality Medicinal Cannabis products at fair and affordable prices.

We don’t need to convince our customers to trust us nor the numbers of lab results, hundreds of testimonials from our customers who are getting amazing results from our Medicinal Cannabis products on a daily basis, speak for themselves.

More and more Doctors and Health Practitioners, who monitor their patients closely, suggest the use of our products to their patients because they see first hand the effectiveness of our products and the positive results they have for their patients’ health and well being.

We highly recommend checking out our testimonial page.

Furthermore, customers who are treating their pets and other animals with our Medicinal Cannabis Oil are also getting amazing results! Therefore, it is highly unlikely that these results are caused by a placebo effect.


We acknowledge that Medicinal Cannabis products are not working for everyone the same way and that they are not a miracle cure per se. Responses to the treatments with Medicinal Cannabis products can vary for each individual as each individual is different. Each person has it’s own unique biological system and medical history. Therefore, different results are not necessarily an indication of the effectiveness of a product itself.

We cannot help but be constantly amazed, by the fact of how many of our customers and those referred to us from medical professionals, including those being treated for many types of cancer and many other serious health conditions, are experiencing significant, positive shifts in their overall health and well being!

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