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We highly recommend consulting with your Health Care Provider before embarking on this journey of wellness. We also encourage you to take ownership of your own health and do your own research as, Knowledge is Power!

Please note: The Natural Remedy does not provide medical advice, professional diagnosis, treatments or services. The information provided in this website, incl. through linkages to other sites, and/or given in personal conversations, is meant to supplement, not to replace medical or professional care. For full detailed disclaimer click here

Please find below a series of questions and answers based on questions our customers and clients have asked over many years.

Do I need a prescription to order from The Natural Remedy?

You don’t need a medical prescription to be able to order from us; However, ‘The Natural Remedy’ encourages all our clients to acquire a medical prescription ensuring legal compliance, as well as being able to purchase medicinal cannabis products in the future.

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What Kind of Effect - Do l Have to get High?
You don’t have to get high…There are many cannabis strains without -“the high” Such as potent CBD strains that have minimal to no psychoactive effect, such as our CBD Canna Oil, For products containing THC, it is always best to err on the side of caution and start slowly when it comes to dosing until you know how the THC effects you, to avoid any unwanted psychoactive effects. For best results please follow suggested dosing instructions that come with our products
What Products Work Best for Sleep Issues?

For sleeping problems we recommend starting with CBD Canna Oil  this is an amazing antioxidant and anti inflammatory and has max potency 14 mgs CBD per ml and is very low max potency THC 0.5 mgs per ml, so great for daily therapeutic use. Many customers find that one of the first things they notice after being on this product for awhile is that their sleep improves

We also have 80 mg maximum potency THC organic herbal teas, that many of our customers use for their sleeping problems. *If you are unfamiliar with the effects of THC we recommend diluting one tea bag to two cups of water and only drinking one cup and wait an hour to see if that is enough to offer relief, before consuming the second cup. Store the unused prepared tea in a covered container in the fridge for your next serving.

Also medicinal cannabis  products such as Canna Oil Plus Original ( AKA Phoenix Tears)  that contain higher THC (75) are more sedating and may help with insomnia, but we advise always err on the side of caution and  start with an extremely small amount like a quarter of a grain of rice (use a piece of rice to gauge how small an amount that is) wait at least an hour or so to see how you feel… onset of action is individual and results may vary…   if that is not enough to provide relief you can slowly increment up over a few days until you find just the amount that works. Please follow the detailed instructions that come with the product for best results.

For those who like to smoke or vape their medicinal cannabis, we have a variety of cannabis flowers, hashes and shatter that are high in THC that may help you relax and aid in sleep.

Will Cannabis Make me Hungrier - Give me the 'Munchies'?
The active ingredient tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) has an effect on the brain that may stimulate the appetite in some individuals and also significantly increase a person’s ability to smell food, which in turn may generate a hunger response.

Also, loss of appetite is common among cancer patients, either because the cancer itself or its treatment affects the sense of taste and smell, leading to decreased enjoyment of food. This, in turn, can lead to weight loss, anorexia, a worse quality of life and decreased survival; therefore, finding effective ways of helping patients to maintain a good diet and consume enough calories is an important aspect of their treatment. For patients with cancer, cannabis can help improve food intake and prevent unhealthy loss of weight. See EurekAlert article for more information

Can Cannabis Help Me Lose Weight?
Cannabis strains that are high in THC are more likely to make you hungrier than usual thus may cause an increased appetite in certain individuals. However scientific studies have suggested that another compound in in the cannabis plant called tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV) may reduce appetite, blood glucose levels and increase fasting insulin and has shown to be a possible treatment for those suffering from diabetes. 
Can Cannabis Help me Wean off of my Pharmaceutical Pain Meds?
According to Medical Daily…  New evidence has emerged supporting the idea that cannabis may help rehab patients recover from and kick their addictions to painkillers. The study, published by researchers at Columbia University, showed that patients given a form of THC during their recovery, experienced less severe withdrawal symptoms and were more likely to complete their treatment course. Please note weaning yourself off of pain medications is not something that should be taken lightly, therefore we highly recommend that you consult with your health care provider and advise them you wish to use Medicinal Cannabis with your prescription medication, as they can offer advice on adjusting your medication accordingly and help you safely wean off of  your pain medication with the least amount of discomfort.
If I use Medicinal Cannabis to treat my Health Condition How Soon will I get Results?
When using medicinal cannabis products onset of action is individual and results may vary... It is important to follow suggested dosing instructions that come with our products for best results.  
How much (Dosage) THC or CBD do I need to take?

The goal for most cannabis patients is to find just the right dosage to get relief from their symptoms, without getting the psychactive effects of the THC. However, when it comes to dosing Medicinal Cannabis, it is not a one size fits all medicine and the amount that works for one person may not be sufficient, or may be too much for another. There are even those who are ultra sensitive to the effects of THC and for them less is definitely more!

To get the best results with medical cannabis, (especially with the higher THC products) it’s always best to follow suggested dosing instructions and start small and increment up slowly over a few days. Because cannabis can be difficult to dose, most patients have to experiment a bit to find which medicinal cannabis product(s) and at what dose works best for them.

How do I take Cannabis
Smoking or Vaping is still the most popular method of administering Medicinal Cannabis but if that does not suit your fancy, you don’t have to smoke or vape it to get the health benefits. There are many edibles, drinks, extracts, tinctures etc…or you can add cannabis to your recipes in the form of cannabutter.

There is also rectal administration.  The rectal method in the form of a suppository is the most effective. This is due to the large surface area available for absorption. Similarly to ingesting edible cannabis, the effects of a suppository are long lasting, often ranging between 4-8 hours depending on the patients tolerance to cannabis. Rectal administration also allows the individual to increase their doses much faster as the effects of the THC are minimal in comparison to being taken orally.

Suppositories are an ideal choice for many people, such as, those receiving chemotherapy who may be experiencing severe nausea and are unable to keep oral cannabis down. It is also ideal for the elderly and patients in severe distress who can’t wait for oral cannabis to take effect. For more information on Methods of Administration/Efficiency/Waiting Time in Minutes See chart 
What Happens if I Take Too Much THC?

Taking too much THC is not a cause for alarm and bottom line is don’t panic!

For some individuals taking THC may cause dry mouth and other uncomfortable feelings. For those who are not familiar with Cannabis use this can be a little scary, but it is important to note that these feelings are temporary and “this too shall pass”. To avoid feeling “over-medicated,” one should know their limits when it comes to THC, but it can happen to even seasoned cannabis users. If this happens to you there ways to help you cope until it passes, such as:

  • Drink lots of cold water, juices and other non caffeinated beverages… this will also help with dry mouth.
  • Stay calm, relax and take deep full breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth.
  • Keep distracted by playing a video game, watch a funny movie, or listen to your favourite upbeat music, or talk to (non judgemental) friends or family members you trust.

For more info see Leafly article

I have never used Cannabis before what product should I start with?

If you are not sure which medicinal cannabis product to start with we suggest you acclimate your system with our CBD Canna Oil, which comes in a 50 ml bottle with approximately 1 ml dropper… this is an amazing antioxidant and anti-inflammatory and has ‘maximum potency 14 mg CBD per ml and is very low maximum potency THC 1 mg/ml and is great for daily therapeutic use.

It will come with suggested dosing instructions which we highly recommend following to get the best results… Also please note if you are taking any medications for high blood pressure, the CBD Canna Oil will naturally reduce blood pressure so it is a good idea to take your blood pressure regularly as you may have to have the Dr adjust your medication.

Here is link to product for more info https://thenaturalremedy.store/product/canna-oil/

What product can I use for my Pet?
For pets we recommend our Canna Pal, which has a high amount of CBD (max potency) 14 mg CBD per ml and is very low maximum potency THC 1 mg/ml so great for daily therapeutic use. This product is virtually the same as our CBD Canna Oil, but comes with different packaging and dosing instructions specifically for your pet… Here is the direct link to the product for more info  https://thenaturalremedy.store/product/cbd-canna-pal/

Please also have a look at a recent Scientific Review on Cannabis in Veterinary Medicine

What is RSO oil and how to take it?
RSO is a term that is used in the industry, which refers to “Rick Simpson Oil” or “Phoenix Tears”.
It is heavily concentrated cannabis oil with high CBD and THC content. It is used to treat various illnesses and diseases, including cancers. It is also used to reduce and manage inflammation and acute pain. RSO can be taken as a preventative and therapeutic treatment as well.

The RSO oil can be taken orally or rectally. As per previous question, the latter allows the individual to increase their doses much faster as the effects of the THC are minimal in comparison to being taken orally.

What Products can I use for Cancer

For treating Cancer we offer a 60 gm/60 day Program… This program is for anyone who is fighting cancer and wants to take positive steps to manage their own health.
Here is link for more information https://thenaturalremedy.store/product/60-grams-60-days-program/

To answer any questions or concerns you may have about the 60 gms/60 day program and how to use the other recommended products in our Cancer treatment we highly recommend our Consulting Session Service. There is an upfront fee of $75 of which you will be fully reimbursed as a coupon credit code, to use for products in our store… For more information on this service please click here https://thenaturalremedy.store/product/consulting-service/

What is the best application method if you use cannabis to fight various cancers?
From what we have found through research, administering the {RSO} such as our  Canna Oil Plus Original  oil rectally, allows the patient to get their dosing up quickly without feeling the strong effects of the THC. Research shows that one gets about 90% of the beneficial components in cannabis with this delivery method and only about 25% benefits if taken orally.
What happens if I take medical Cannabis with my pharmaceutical Meds?

Cannabis naturally will lower ones blood pressure. Therefore, you should check your blood pressure more frequently especially if you take medication to control your blood pressure with pharmaceutical meds and adjust your meds accordingly. Getting advice from a Pharmacists or your Dr. is always advised if uncertain.

What are Terpenes?
Terpenes are organic compounds found in a variety of plants and contribute to their flavor, scent and colour.
Cannabis contains over 200 varieties of terpenes. They are thought to interact synergistically with the cannabinoids in the plant and enhance its health effects.
Each of the different cannabis strains contains its own terpenes and some are more abundant than others causing the different flavors and aromas in the plant.

Alpha-pinene for example, is one of the most known to act as a natural bronchodilator and expectorant AND to help one keeping focus and concentration. It increases ones mental energy and can also act as a topical antiseptic.

What is CBD?
CBD (cannabidiol) is widely considered a non-psychoactive cannabinoid. It has antipsychotic properties, sedative effects and is an excellent option for people who suffer from glaucoma, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia and many other conditions. Its medicinal uses surpass those of any other cannabinoid we know. of.
Can you take a fatal overdose of medical cannabis?
No, there is no fatal dose for cannabis. If you are feeling too medicated, take a deep breath, relax and in time, it will pass.
What kind of Qualifications do you have for Giving Advice about Medicinal Cannabis?

Our Chief Consultant has five years consulting experience as well as an extended knowledge base of Cannabis Oil used in a medicinal context… Her personal journey led to the creation of The Natural Remedy due to the sheer demand from Canadians across the country for high quality medicinal cannabis products at a fair price, to treat their various diseases and illnesses.

Also, The Natural Remedy has received many word of mouth referrals and testimonials from patients over the last 4-5 years who have had wonderful improvements in their quality of life and many have had huge improvements with their health issues.

We also work with several Doctors who send us upwards of several hundred patients a month and who also trust the effectiveness of our products and offer their full support if needed to call on them for information and guidance.