Medical Prescription / Document Information

You do not need a medical prescription to be able to order from us; However, ‘The Natural Remedy’ encourages all our clients to acquire a medical prescription ensuring legal compliance, as well as being able to purchase medicinal cannabis products in the future.

Please select the suitable option for you below for more information on how to obtain a medical prescription


Professional Clinic(s) where you can obtain (online) a medical prescription

Please check out the options below of clinics who provide medical prescription services.
(We will update and extend this list in the future.)

General Info please read: Medical Clinics who assisting getting a medical prescription (ACMPR) for cannabis use, are in most cases not providing the medical prescription to the applying client. Most of the times you have to choose an LP (Licensed Provider) as part of the regulations. They will then submit the document directly to an LP. Whether or not you order from them or not is up to you.

LYTE CLINIC (LCRC), is a company who has their own doctors and is specialized in helping people like you to obtain such a prescription, FREE of charge (Exception: $100.00 Fee for Quebec residents).


  • Very fast response and processing times!
  • Choose your Doctor’s appointment within 24 hours
  • Convenient Doctors consultation via Cell or PC App (OTN service)
  • No need for additional medical information from your physician
  • Great Client Service and Support

If you have any question or problems related to your application please do not contact TNR but address them directly to:
LYTE CLINIC (LCRC): Email: [email protected]; Phone: 1-647-325-5983
Feel Free to visit the LYTE CLINIC (LCRC) website for more details.

To start your application process with Lyte Clinic please click the button below or copy and paste the following link in your browser:

LYTE Clinic Application

If you are a resident of Quebec please DO NOT use the link above please contact Lyte Clinic by email [email protected] to make arrangements as there is a $100.00 Fee for Quebec residents.

Want to obtain a RX on your own with your own healthcare provider, check out more details here.

Want to obtain an RX on your own with your own healthcare provider, here is what you need to know and how you can go about it

Medical Document Requirements

We understand that at this time of change getting the right information about the necessities related to a proper medical document/doctor’s prescription, can be challenging.

We found that even a lot of doctors do not know exactly how to deal with this, or what kind of minimum requirements already exist to make a doctor’s prescription compliant with the existing rules.

What you need to know!
Minimum Information Requirements for Medical Documents
We want to help you to make this process as easy and smooth as possible.

If you want to obtain a medical document with the help of your own doctor, please refer to right column as to what the minimum requirements are for it to be an acceptable medical document.

You would have to advise your health care provider of those requirements, in case he/she does not know or is not familiar with the minimum requirements, in order to obtain a legally acceptable document.

The easiest option is to provide the official Health Canada document to your doctor when visiting or you can of course also email it to him/her.
You can view or download the form here (PDF Format)

  • Name and Surname
  • Date of Birth
  • Daily quantity of dried marihuana to be used by the patient (or other product being prescribed)
  • The period of use (max. 1 Year)
  • Health care practitioner’s given name and surname
  • Profession
  • Health care practitioner’s business address
  • Phone Number
  • Province(s) Authorized to Practice in
  • Health Care Practitioner’s Licence number
  • Health Care Practitioner’s Signature
  • Date Signed