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Moroccan Royal 00 Hash

Royal 00 or Double Zero is a dry hash extracted from cannabis in Morocco, which is considered the ultimate reference in global hashish market. It is primarily sourced and farmed in the Northern Moroccan region called Ketama. Double zero is extremely soft and golden brown & tastes sweet and smooth when smoked.

Triticana Hash

Truly for Hash connoisseurs, TNR Triticana boasts one of the finest sift filtration methods that you can find in a Hash. It uses a Spanish Sativa strain that is pressed cold which leaves it with a very fine-grained and pliable texture. Blonde in colour all the way though, TNR Triticana is quite aromatic with surprisingly fresh smelling notes of berries and spice with an earthy undertone. Although, undeniably a Hash, the energetic TNR Triticana will uplift you and transport you on a beautiful voyage to euphoria every time.