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TNR Green Crack God AAA+

55/45 Indica   22-25% THC Batch Date: July 4th, 2022Green Crack God sports colourful and super frosty buds, with a lovely combination of greens and purples, accompanied by clusters of wavy orange hairs.Green Crack God is definitely leaning quite heavily on the indica side with it's potent couch locking effects. It is slightly cerebral as well in a zoned out way, but mostly physical in nature with it's relaxing and calming body stone that will keep you feeling lazy long after smoking making this one ideal for a slow day.

Mota Black Clear Sphere

*** NOT FOR BEGINNERS ***Enjoy the deep and rich flavours of a cherry gummy in a fun sphere shape with Mota’s Black Clear Sphere!
  • Total amount of THC: 300mg
  • Strain: Hybrid
⚠️ IMPORTANT – PLEASE READ ⚠️ When ordering temperature sensitive products during the warmer months of the year, the integrity of the product’s shape and consistency might become compromised during shipping. Hence, we strongly recommend to refrigerate the product for a few hours before opening.