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HCFSE Diamonds – Coast Terra BC (Arcana Extracts)

HCFSE Diamonds (also known as THC-A) are a High Cannabinoid Full Spectrum Extract. Comprised mainly of THC-A crystals with a terpene and flavour profile true to the strain extracted. What are HCFSE Diamonds? HCFSE or THC-A Diamonds is a whole plant extract which captures the full cannabinoid spectrum of the cannabis plant through a special extraction process. This results in medium-large crystals ranging from white to coloured(depending on the strain) that contain around 90% THC-A and a terpene profile that exceeds 20%. Pricing: 1 g/$44.95 

TNR Diamonds

TNR Diamonds are not only a girl’s best friend, they are a sparkling addition to any advanced cannabis user’s repertoire! At a glance, the Diamonds are tiny pebbles of shatter, like the caviar of the concentrate world. The smell is very floral, just like pressing your nose right into a fresh flower. Pricing: 1 g/44.95$