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Doctor Wants to Expand Use of Medical Cannabis, as Legalization Looms…

As the legalization of cannabis quickly approaches, a doctor is trying to spread the word about the healing properties of the plant and its potential to stop the opioid crisis. Dr. Ira Price is an Emergency Medicine Professor at McMaster University, he says during his medical work the number one complaint from patients was pain, […]

Could Medicinal Cannabis be the Answer to the Prescription Drug Crisis?

Why we Have a prescription Drug Crisis! The class of drugs known as opioids such as oxycodone and hydromophone were only prescribed by physicians until the mid 1990’s to patients who were dying or were suffering from very severe acute or chronic pain. The introduction of Oxycontin led to doctors prescribing opioids for pain, because […]

Study Shows Decline in Opioid Use by Medicinal Cannabis Users

Pain lasting for several months, or persisting after an injury has healed, is considered chronic. Chronic pain affects not only individuals, but also their families, the health care system, and society as a whole. It may lead to other health concerns such as eating problems, sleep disturbances and fatigue Absences from school, work and social […]