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Cannabis as a Potential Treatment for Neurodegenerative Diseases

Neurodegenerative diseases effect more than five million people in the United States. Moreover, at least 1 billion people across the globe are battling with one or more neurodegenerative disorders. It is worse than it sounds because many of these diseases can leave patients disabled, unable to think clearly or walk independently. In some instances, these […]

College Offering New Cannabis Program.

Starting in February a college in BC is opening up a brand new program for Cannabis. If you would like to read the article click here!

Canadian Cannabis Is Finding its Way to The Border.

Whether you are sending it to your friend, shipping your medicine to yourself for a vacation or bringing along your stash for a road trip. One common denominator is that it is not getting past the border. The article talks about since legalization Cannabis has been the most confiscated substance along the border. This year […]


Edible Sales Could Skyrocket!

Since the legalization of edibles in October this year, It will spark a new demographic of consumers who are interested in trying the newly legalized substance. If we back up a year to when legalization first came to Canada, store fronts were running out of product faster then they anticipated due to the large demand […]

Cannabis Stem Tea Instructions.

The stems that grow our beautiful flowers also have therapeutic benefits. just as growing the plant there is a proper method on how to make weed stem tea, of course there are lots of different ways of doing it. This is a great start, After you’ve done it once your twice you will find the […]

How can Recreational Dispensaries assist Medical Patients.

Budtenders Cannot make Medical Claims, In this day and age in the cannabis industry it’s so important you don’t mistake your opportunity to assist a medical marijuana user as an opportunity to play doctor. The job is to help customers get the right products for their needs, and that means asking the right questions and […]

Disorganized Expo allows Toronto vendors to show Creativity!

The cannabis industry is often plagued with opportunists seeking to make fast cash, whether this was the case for the show organizer or not. This article shows is that this industry is full of great people who manage to pull together to help one another, even in times of confusion, they are able to bring […]

New Brunswick moves toward privatization of Cannabis.

Earlier this month, Cannabis NB CEO Patrick Parent said more than 50 illegal cannabis dispensaries in New Brunswick were greatly impacting sales at the legal stores. If you are interested in this story you can click here to read the full article.

Seniors are The fastest growing group of Cannabis users in Canada.

With all the medical uses of cannabis it is not only inspiring to witness elder generations find some relief through natural healing. But could also help pass down natural healing practices in upcoming generations. Hopefully understanding the significance of the medical benefits of medicinal cannabis, can lead to natural medicine playing a bigger role in […]


Quebec Raises Legal Cannabis age to 21

Age limit requirements come with a purpose behind it, they are not in place to be unfair or unjust if were talking substances specifically their reasoning is for allowing the brain to fully mature which is believed to be done near age 25. As much as we respect and follow these laws, the legal age […]

What is Hydroponic Weed?

The industry is known to be innovative with their products,  needing no soil required could help a lot of individuals who aren’t set up to grow with soil. However, finding methods like this to allow Canadians to grow their own in smaller spaces and housing without soil available, alternative growing options like this open up […]

Toronto illegal Dispensaries.

100 companies based in Toronto have been given licenses for a variety of marijuana uses, with Toronto allowing only 25 licensed physical shops to open in 2019, however, since they’ve opened, 32 illegal shops have also opened. If you are interested in the full article you can click here to read more.

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