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CBD Could Help with Bone Fracture Healing?

Scientists in Israel continue to establish their work as the leading source of data on medical cannabis. In a combined study conducted primarily by researchers from Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv University, Cannabidiol (CBD) was found to enhance fracture healing and stimulate Lysyl Hydroxylase (a highly abundant enzyme involved in bone healing) activity in osteoblasts (bone building cells).

What this means for the rest of the medical world is that CBD could be utilized for a number of bone-related conditions such as Osteoporosis – a condition that causes the bone to be weak or brittle.

Although THC doesn’t contribute to the healing of bones in the same way that CBD does, it actually does do something very interesting – it might be able to increase the efficacy of CBD’s effects on the bones. Though the exact mechanics of how this works aren’t yet clear, THC potentiates the CBD’s effect on the work to failure rate of the bones. At both 6 weeks and 8 weeks post-fracture, there was a noticeable improve in failure rate when both THC and CBD were used. This means that, for some reason that researchers aren’t entirely sure of yet, the positive effects CBD has on your bones’ ability to heal is actually improved if a small amount of THC is taken at the same time.



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