What Are Affiliates? And what are they not?
  • Affiliates are supporters of The Natural Remedy, not representatives.
  • As an Affiliate I understand, acknowledge and respect, that I do not do not push products, information or services on to people but that you are helping people to access the products they want or chose to use at their own discretion, while promoting The Natural Remedy as a company or their products and services.
  • The Natural Remedy assumes no liability for the actions of our affiliates.
Responsibilities & Obligations

As an Affiliate (whether I run a business, storefront, website or other online presence) I understand, acknowledge, respect and agree that:

  • I am operating as an affiliate at my own discretion, at my own risk and I acknowledge, accept and agree, to not hold ‘The Natural Remedy’. or their stuff liable or responsible in any form and indemnify ‘The Natural Remedy’. and people who work for the for ‘The Natural Remedy’ of any loss, harm or damage caused to me in any way or under any circumstances.
  • I do not provide medical advice, professional diagnosis, treatments or services.
  • I will suggest to people in need for medical information related to our products to contact the support center of The Natural Remedy. ([email protected] )
  • I will not knowingly misrepresent ‘The Natural Remedy’, their products & services, in whole or in part.
  • I will not discriminate upon any person, group, ethnicity, religion or political affiliation.
  • I will not knowingly distribute harmful software such as computer viruses.
  • I will not spam or solicit potential clients or customers of ‘The Natural Remedy’.
  • I will only use promotion material and methods that has been approved by ‘The Natural Remedy’.
  • The Terms & Condition as outlined on our website (https://thenaturalremedy.store/our-policies/) are a substantial part of this agreement and are binding as well.
  • If I am not agreeing to the ‘Terms & Conditions for Affiliates’ as outlined here I should not use the Affiliate system and the continuation of use of the affiliate system is understood as a binding agreement to the ‘Terms & Conditions for Affiliates’.
  • Failure to be in alignment with this ‘Terms & Conditions for Affiliates’ can lead to the immediate termination as an Affiliate which can lead also to the termination of future referral fees at the discretion of the ‘The Natural Remedy’
The Affiliate Area

The affiliate area at https://thenaturalremedy.store/affiliate-area/ will be where you can manage your account as an affiliate, and see all the details about your referrals and earnings online.

Referral Fees

Everyone’s favorite part!

General Referral Fee
If not agreed otherwise you will receive a 10% referral fee on the first paid order from a new customer only if they used your coupon code or your referral link.

Life time Referral Fee

You will also receive a 5% “lifetime” referral fee on every paid order they make thereafter.
A “lifetime” referral fee can and will only be paid for those customers who don’t change their account information in particular their email address as the “lifetime” referral fee is connected to it.

‘The Natural Remedy’ reserves the right to limit Lifetime commission (or end the Affiliate relationship) in the case referral fees for first time clients generated annually is below $300.00.


As an affiliate you can choose whether to be paid with a store credit in the form of coupon codes, or Interac E-Transfer/Cheque or in Bitcoin.

You must inform us at least 2 days prior to the end of the month how you would like to receive payment.

The cutoff day is the last day of every month, and you will be paid within 14 days (2 weeks) after the cutoff. We make the payment when the referral fee amount exceed $100.00.

In order for us to pay you, we must have an up to date email, and your account must be active. You must let us know at the cutoff day whether you want to be paid with a store credit or E-Transfer/Cheque.

Referrals can and will only be paid if the new customer uses your designated coupon code or referral link. Word of mouth referrals (while appreciated) cannot get you paid.

Gift Cards Coupons

As additional support and perk ‘The Natural Remedy’ may allow the use of Gift Cards for promotional purpose as an incentive for new clients.
‘The Natural Remedy’ reserves the right to change or terminate the use of Gift Cards at their discretion at any time. ‘The Natural Remedy’ will inform the affiliate prior to such changes.


For technical support or any questions you might have with the affiliate system please emails us at [email protected]

If your people you want to refer to ‘The Natural Remedy’ need technical assistance or help choosing the right product for them, please encourage them to get in touch with our customer support team. [email protected].
We now also offer a 45min consulting service to address medical question a potential client might have. For details please check out https://thenaturalremedy.store/product/consulting-service/

As we reimburse client for the amount they pay to 100% with a store credit we don’t pay a referral fee for this product/service.