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Amsterdam Blonde – Hash


Elevate your experiences with Amsterdam Blonde - Hash, where Dutch craftsmanship meets modern luxury, delivering a cannabis experience that is both premium and authentic. Let every session be a voyage through the rich cannabis heritage of Amsterdam, providing golden moments of relaxation, creativity, and bliss.

Golden Honey Hash

Golden Honey Hash is made from Cannabis produced in the Netherlands. Plants are usually cultivated Indoors but could also come from  greenhouse production.This Golden Honey Hash has a gold/green light color.Very soft to the touch, for easier use store in a fridge.

Lion Hash

This exquisite Lion Hash hails from the Netherlands and is known for its potent effects, surpassing other strains from the same region. With its golden light brown appearance and soft texture, it's a true sensory delight.When smoked, it burns smoothly with a subtle earthy flavor. Enjoy the beautiful chill high it provides. Stay medicated and enjoy!

Netherlands Hunter Hash

Discover the premium Netherlands Hunter Hash, exclusively at our top-rated online dispensary in Canada. This golden-blond gem from the famed Amsterdam lineage offers a smooth, cerebral high unparalleled in potency. Revered for its therapeutic benefits ranging from chronic pain to ADHD, our authentic hash stands out in a sea of options. Shop with The Natural Remedy for a genuine, world-class experience.Want to learn more about how cannabis delivery in Canada works? Click here.