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Amsterdam Blonde – Hash


Elevate your experiences with Amsterdam Blonde - Hash, where Dutch craftsmanship meets modern luxury, delivering a cannabis experience that is both premium and authentic. Let every session be a voyage through the rich cannabis heritage of Amsterdam, providing golden moments of relaxation, creativity, and bliss.

Amsterdam Bulldog – Hash


Embark on a classic cannabis journey with Amsterdam Bulldog Hash, a traditional favorite in the Canada Online Cannabis Market. This hash is a tribute to the time-honored methods of hash-making, delivering an authentic experience that resonates with both connoisseurs and newcomers alike.

Golden Honey Hash

Golden Honey Hash is made from Cannabis produced in the Netherlands. Plants are usually cultivated Indoors but could also come from  greenhouse production.This Golden Honey Hash has a gold/green light color.Very soft to the touch, for easier use store in a fridge.

Lion Hash

Lion Hash invites you to a realm where potency and gentleness intertwine, creating an experience that is as rich and refined as it is powerful. Whether you seek medicinal reprieve or a tranquil escape, let the Lion guide you through a landscape that is both serene and invigorating.

Netherlands Hunter Hash

The Netherlands Hunter Hash is a new hash we offer at TNR. It’s soft and blond and it’s the latest newcomer to the Amsterdam family of hash. The high is similar to a Bulldog high, but much smoother, more cerebral, and more active. This hashish is named after a great coffee cafe in Amsterdam, just like the other strains of its kind.