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1 OZ MIX N MATCH HASH (28GR)Simply choose up to 4 different strains to create a hash ounce variety pack of hash at TNR and save BIG! It’s simple:
  1. Select up to 4 strains below
  2. Click ADD TO CART
  3. Complete and pay your order
  4. Receive your variety pack of hash
Scroll down to start choosing the strains and create your own 1 ounce of hash variety pack of top-shelf hash. Perfect way to save money and try different strains.

Abercama Gold – Hash


Dive into the modern masterpiece in cannabis craftsmanship; choose Abercama Gold -  Hash for an experience that is simply golden.

Choose Abercama Gold Hash and elevate your cannabis experience to a realm where every moment is golden. Shop confidently with The Natural Remedy, your gateway to premium cannabis products.

Blonde Supreme Hash

Blonde Supreme Hash, an exquisite cannabis concentrate renowned for its unparalleled quality and distinctive flavor profile. Crafted from the resin of select cannabis plants, this coveted concentrate is a cherished favorite among cannabis connoisseurs.

Chemdawg Hash

Chemdawg holds a celebrated position within the cannabis community, renowned not just for its powerful and unique effects but also for its distinctive, pungent aroma that permeates every room it enters. This U.S.-originating strain, while enveloped in some mystery regarding its genetic lineage, is undisputedly recognized for its strikingly potent characteristics.

Egyptian Gold – Hash


Embark on a splendid journey through ancient traditions with Egyptian Gold Hash, a masterful blend that intertwines Egypt's rich cannabis heritage with modern-day cannabis connoisseurship. Envelope yourself in a heritage deeply ingrained in ancient cultures, brought to life with a contemporary twist for today’s discerning palate.

Gas Mask Hash

Gas Mask Hash transcends the usual cannabis experience, bringing forth a potent array of effects and a distinctively rich aroma. Originating from a hybrid strain — believed to be a meticulous cross between Cherry Pie and Face Off OG strains — Gas Mask introduces itself with a signature that is undeniably unique and unforgettable.

Jamaican Red Gum – Hash


Take a journey through the rich landscapes of Jamaican cannabis culture with every use of the Jamaican Red Gum - Hash, a golden standard in the modern hash market. Experience the spirit of Jamaica, one blissful moment at a time.

New York Diesel Hash

Indulge in the exhilarating embrace of New York Diesel Hash, a sativa-dominant masterpiece crafted meticulously from the crossbreeding of a Sour Diesel clone and an Afghani variety. This hash provides a distinct, energizing journey through its unique aroma and profound effects.

TNR Hash Sampler (5 Grams)

Great way to try out our TNR Hashes! Our TNR Sampler pack consists of one gram each of our enticing Amsterdam Blonde, Abercama Gold, Afghan Gum, Egyptian Gold, and Amsterdam Bulldog.Five (5) grams for the great price of only $54.95! See details below