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TNR 7g Flower Sampler Pack

Our Sampler pack consists of 7 grams of an enticing variety of our available tasty indica, sativa, and hybrid blends, all for the great price of only $54.95! See details below

TNR Popcorn AAA (28g)

Experience the potent delight of TNR Ounce of Popcorn Weed Nugs – tiny but mighty treasures of the cannabis world. These small-sized buds may not make it into our standard retail packs, but they're bursting with the same high-quality THC and flavor. Perfect for those who know that when it comes to cannabis, great potency often comes in small packages. Get ready for a big experience with our perfectly petite popcorn nugs. Please note that these blends will contain a random variety of strains; therefore, we cannot provide a specific blend of strains. Thank you for understanding.