Talking to Others About Medicinal Cannabis

Many people have loved ones who could benefit from the medicinal use of Cannabis, but find it extremely difficult to broach the subject with them. Unfortunately, despite the many clinical trials currently being conducted and the overwhelming amount of anecdotal evidence showing its incredible potential as a treatment, the negative stigma attached to cannabis is still evident to this day.

It seems cruel to watch friends or family suffering needlessly, when they could get relief from using this healing plant,without the horrendous side effects of conventional medicine. But the quandary remains… what is the best way to bring up the subject of medicinal Cannabis to our friends and loved ones? Especially if they are not as enlightened and informed about the incredible healing potential of cannabis as you are.

Tips to talk to Loved Ones About Medicinal Cannabis:

  1. Set and Setting – invite them for tea or coffee, provide a quiet and relaxing environment, and look for an opening in the conversation to segue into the topic of medicinal cannabis.
  2. Do your homework – educate yourself by watching documentaries, testimonials and read articles books etc so you can provide any scientific evidence and answer any questions that may come up.
  3. Provide first hand experience – explain why you chose medical Cannabis for your health issue and talk about the positive health benefits you have experienced.
  4. You don’t have to smoke it – explain all the methods available for administration; such as, edibles, tinctures, suppositories and pills.
  5. You don’t have to get high – Explain how it is the THC in the cannabis that provides the psychoactive effect or “high” and how the CBD in the cannabis can help with nausea, pain relief and inflammation etc without the high.
  6. Be prepared to change the topic – You know you are looking out for their best interests, but if your loved one seems uncomfortable and suggests a change of topic, try not to get defensive or lose your composure. It is important to remain calm and honour their wishes.

If your loved one seems to be on the fence about using medicinal cannabis, be prepared to revisit the topic. Try to end the conversation on a positive note and suggest they do their own research and talk to their health provider about any questions or concerns they may have. Let them know your door is always open if they would like to discuss using Medicinal Cannabis further.




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