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London Hash

London Hash is produced in Morocco, what is often called the mecca of premium Hashish.This Indica dominant strain from Spain has been cultivated and extracted by using traditional technics of organic culture and sifting extraction. This 4th filtration results in a very classic Moroccan texture and reddish tone. It has a slight spicy aroma and the flavor has a hint of earthiness and sweetness.The high first goes straight to your head before making its way down the body with soothing and sedating qualities.

Moroccan #1 – Hash


Moroccan #1 Hash eloquently encapsulates the rich heritage and artisanal excellence inherent to Moroccan hashish creation. From the soothing oils to the tantalizing edibles, The Natural Remedy curates a mosaic of experiences that transcend mere consumption, ensuring every product is a doorway to exploring the multitude of sensations, effects, and histories embedded within them.

Moroccan 777 Hybrid Hash

Navigating through the sea of online vendors requires a compass of trust and reliability. The Natural Remedy is more than just an online store – it's a beacon of promise, a commitment to quality, authenticity, and unwavering integrity. Our array of hash, edibles, oils, and more serve as a testament to our dedication to providing you with products that elevate your cannabis experience to unparalleled heights.Choose The Natural Remedy for a path that leads to a rich, rewarding, and reassuring experience in the world of premium cannabis and hashish products.

Moroccan Caramelo Hybrid Hash (Khardala – Rabra)

Dive into a world where tradition and exceptional quality converge with the Moroccan Caramelo Hybrid Hash. This stellar product from The Natural Remedy, infused with the rich heritage and unmatched craftsmanship of Morocco, beckons both seasoned connoisseurs and beginners alike into an experience where every note and nuance tells a story of passion, tradition, and mastery. Your journey through the exquisite blend of flavors and the smooth, yet potent, experiences it brings is not merely consumption but an exploration through the annals of a rich, cannabis culture.

Moroccan KGB Hash

Dive into a world where tradition and quality coalesce, introducing the Moroccan KGB Hash, a manifestation of Morocco's rich hashish history and adept craftsmanship. Whether you’re a seasoned hash aficionado or a novice to the experiences it provides, this product is a mesmerizing blend of flavors, offering a delicate balance between intensity and smoothness that will captivate and enthrall.

Moroccan OCB Hybrid Hash

Introducing the Moroccan OCB Hybrid Hash, a treasure trove of flavors and experiences, curated and crafted through the prismatic lens of Morocco’s illustrious hashish-making traditions. Embark on a journey where the echoes of time-honored practices meet the apex of quality, bringing forth a product that effortlessly melds the vibrant and the serene, suited to both the seasoned hash connoisseur and the inquisitive newcomer.

Moroccan Royal 00 Hash

Embark on an exquisite journey with Moroccan Royal 00 Hash, an embodiment of Moroccan hashish royalty, crafted meticulously in the famed northern region of Ketama. Famed globally as a pinnacle of hashish excellence, the Royal 00 provides a premium, authentic experience, transporting you through sensory landscapes of sweet, smooth flavors and potent, rich aromas.

Moroccan TNT Hash

Immerse yourself in a dynamic hashish experience with Moroccan TNT Hash, a finely crafted product brought to you by The Natural Remedy. Artisanally derived from the esteemed Khardella genetics and rooted in the rich, vibrant traditions of Moroccan hash production, TNT delivers an impeccable balance of texture, aroma, and potency, ensuring an unmatched, premium experience for both seasoned hashish connoisseurs and beginners alike.

Namaste Hash

Embark on a lush, aromatic journey with The Natural Remedy's Namaste Hash, crafted from the resin powder harvested and meticulously curated from mature cannabis. Through the utilization of modern methods involving the sifting of trichomes from the plant material using fine silk or mesh fabrics, this hashish embodies the pinnacle of quality and authenticity.

Napoleon Indica Hash

Elevate your experience with the Napoleon Hash, an indica-dominant marvel hailing from the lofty heights of Morocco. Grown meticulously at an astounding 2000 meters above sea level, the resin-rich plants from the Rif region offer a foundational basis for creating one of the most notable gums in Morocco.

Primero Cream Hash

Dive into a world where potency and longevity converge, presenting the TNR Primero Cream, a potent indica hash that offers a remarkably extended medicinal experience.

Rabra Beldia Sativa Hash

Rabra Beldia Sativa Hash is produced in Morocco, in the Sif Valley region, known worldwide for their high quality Hashish.Rabra stands for the type of filtration used to make superior quality Hashish.Beldia is the strain name of this Sativa Hash.Rabra Beldia Sativa Hash has a soft consistency and beautiful aroma once broken open, Burns nicely, so smooth! Taste great!A great Sativa high all around!