Liberals Cannabis Act Hearings Video Testimonies

Sharing the Liberals Cannabis Act Hearings for anyone who is interestedĀ  šŸ™‚

Sept 11, Part OneĀ – includes Health Canada, lawyers, RCMP
Sept 11, Part Two – includes pharmacies and pharmacists
Sept 11, Part Three – includes Hemp Trade Alliance and medical cannabis council.
Sept 11, Part Four – includes Border Services, law enforcement, Vancouver Police

Sept 12, Part OneĀ – includesĀ Chiefs of Police, Saskatoon Police
Sept 12, Part Two – includes criminologists, academics, lawyers.
Sept 12, Part Three – includes NORML Canada, reps from Colorado & Washington
Sept 12, Part Four – includes Kevin Sabet from SAM, anti-cannabis Colorado police

Sept 13, Part OneĀ – includes lawyer John Conroy, Anandia Labs an apartment association
Sept 13, Part Two – includes drug policy, rehab and education groups.
Sept 13, Part Three – includes Centre on Substance Abuse, and Drug Free Kids Canada
Sept 13, Part Four – includes addiction services, mental health, substance abuse

Sept 14, Part OneĀ – includes prevention, treatment, psychiatry, public health
Sept 14, Part Two – includes workplace safety, employment, cannabis law
Sept 14, Part Three – includes labeling, packaging, non-smokers rights
Sept 14, Part Four – includes international law, treaties, lawyer Kirk Tousaw

Sept 15, Part OneĀ – includes Dana Larsen, edibles, cannabis researcher, Colorado health
Sept 15, Part Two – includes medical cannabis, Hilary Black, Health Canada
Sept 15, Part Three – includes Marc & Jodie Emery, municipalities

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