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Hello there…. My name is Peter. I am a loving son, father, brother, friend and the list goes on… I am a red seal journeymen carpenter, glazier, painter and a jack of all trades. In my leisure time I enjoy listening to music, bike rides, hiking, fishing, traveling and just being adventurous and having fun.

All that changed for me back in Sept. 2015. I had a nagging pain on my left side for months. It would flair up whenever I would lie down or if did any heavy lifting. I just thought I had back pain, as I did have back surgery, on my L4- L5 herniated disc, when I was 31 yrs old, so I thought it was possibly a hernia or muscle spasms.

I decided to go see my doctor and have it checked out. To MY surprise, my doctor said, that I had a type of lymphoma. (Upon further tests it was revealed that it was Non-Hodgkin’s follicular lymphoma measuring 17cm × 16cm × 13cm) .After receiving my results I sat down on my front steps, coffee in hand, smoking what would be my last cigarette ever. MY DIH-SIZH-UHN that day was that I had to make serious life changes or continue doing what I was doing and perish!

I decided that day to made serious life changes to improve the quality of my life.… On Sept.9 2015 I QUIT; smoking, coffee , alcohol, dairy, meat, processed foods, processed sugars, processed juices, fast foods and carbs. YUP, I am a quitter, and I am proud of it!

2016 brought on many family doctors, an oncologist, surgeon, hospital, health food stores and Naturopath visits. I had a lot of questions on how to heal my body naturally, as I opted out of surgery and chemo.

I AM sharing my story, so that others can make their own Dih-sizh-uhn s on how to turn their health conditions around 100% naturally. Along with help from my family and friends. . .
I AM still here .

Welcome to My Dih-sizh-uhn.

Healthy Peter  🙂

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    1. Avatar Peter says:

      Huggs to you Marion, I wouldn’t be here without you, and that wonderful medicine.

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