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Sharing this awesome testimonial I received this morning  🙂

We have the whole family on your products. We are taking the CBD Canna Oil, and the Canna Oil Plus75 which my mother is using internally and topically for a skin cancer legion. I also have my 10 year old dog on your CBD oil. Results thus far have been excellent, and we are about half-way done our bottles/syringe. The noticeable results are as follows: better sleeping patterns, increased mental clarity, stabilized mood, less pain in chronic areas (neck, knees, wrists), decreased menstrual pain, and an overall increase in our general well-being.

I especially noticed the difference in my dog, who just can’t wait to get her “canna treat” which she licks out of my hand like it’s the last meal on earth. She learned the word “canna” very quickly and salivates when it’s time for her dosage. She is spunky, springy and leveled out. She shows less signs of nervousness and anxiety since being on the CBD oil. She came down with a terrible ear infection, which in the past always takes months to heal. She had the infection for about 2 weeks prior to starting her on the oil (which I then applied both topically on her ear and internally), and her infection was gone in another week. Record time.

My mother (who is a senior) also notices she is more level and balanced, and she has been sleeping better. She is prone to night terrors, and since taking the CBD oils she sleeps like a baby. Better mood, more positive outlook on life as well. She is hoping in time this will decrease her blood pressure which she is on medication for. We have been monitoring her blood pressure since starting her treatment, and she went from 160 to 140 within 2 weeks. We’re hoping she can quit her meds at this rate. As for her skin cancer on her nose, it’s still too early to report on – but the legion is looking less angry since she started topical application. We are thrilled we found you.

We are beyond impressed with the quality of the oils, and with your attention to detail. You know what you are getting in these products and we feel safe and confident taking them. Forever customers here! T.K.

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